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Today: Mar 26, 2019
Common Questions

Q:   What is your software manufactory? Is it the same as my car dealer sells?
A:   We are resellers of genuine GPS software, which your car dealer also sells, but for unreasonable prices. All our prices are minimum two times cheaper than that of your car dealer, so there is no reason to pay double or triple to your local car dealer, when you can have it for half of the price or less from us.

Q:    Can I have the latest map disc with RED light and Speed cameras alert? 
A:    The Satellite Navigation System that uses this disc does not support Speed and Red Light Camera alerts. 

Q:    Does the latest map for my car include Peninsula Link in Victoria?
A:    We are not able to check any inclusions of the maps. We are a reseller only and are not responsible for any map inconvenience or misleading 

Q:    I would like to purchase 2017 version GPS Disc for my in dash Sat Nav system but would like to know more details of what I am buying. eg - who makes it (Whereis?TomTom??) - features - etc 
A:     We are the genuine software reseller, so with all your software inclusions and fetures questions please contact your local car dealer or the software manufactory  

Q:    Can I pay through PayPal, Paymate, Webmoney, or ect?
A:    We don’t accept a third party payments methods. Direct Bank Deposit, only 

Q:   Can I pay by Credit Card through phone or email?
A:    For security reason, we don’t accept Credit Card payments through phone, or email, as we can not verify your authorization. If you are the owner of the credit card, please use your credit card Net Banking for Direct Bank Deposit transaction 

Q:    Can I try before I pay?
A:    NO 

Q:    How much shipping cost to Australia?
A:    Free shipping within Australia 

Q:    How much shipping cost to New Zealand?
A:    New Zealand shipping cost from $25 

Q:    How long do you take to mail out the items.
A:    Items will be shipped immediately after payment is received, then all up to the Australian post and your local post service. 

Q:    I have a 2005 Honda Odyssey with navigation; it was originally used in Japan so the current DVD is all Japanese?
A:    The Japanese navigation firmware and map conversion, costs from $400. Please use the Online Inguiry Form for quote. 

Q:    Your website mentions TV on the move unlock? Is this an easy mod? How much?
A:    The Video in Motion is computer coding which can be done by one of our technician, only. Price varies depending on the car model 

Q:    I have recently brought a Nissan Stagea 250rx 2005 and it has a pop up navigation screen with a cd rom drive, however everything is still in Japanese. Can the navigation cd rom convert  to English as well or do I need to translate it another way?
A:    The Japanese navigation firmware and map conversion, costs from $400. Please use the Online Inquire Form for quote. 

Q:     I have just imported my car from Europe to Australia. I assume that the disc is both the latest and the correct disc for my car?
A:     Most of European and American navigation systems are compatible with the Australian and New Zealand map disc but you have to confirm it with your local car dealer. Please note that our map discs have been tested on Australian build cars and we are not responsible if it is not working on your overseas model or require an additional software,  firmware updates, or a country coding  

Q:   What are HDD map updates and how is it different to normal map updates?  
A:   Map updates on DVD have been around for a while and are here to stay. But for certain new models of VW, BMW, Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover, there is a new kid on the block named HDD.  

Q:   What does HDD stand for?
A:    Hard Disk Drive  

Q:   What is the difference between HDD and the typical map update on DVD?
A:   For vehicles fitted with HDD systems, navigation data will be loaded onto the car’s Hard Disk Drive. Instead of purchasing a DVD to update your GPS map data, when you purchase the HDD map update you will be given an activation code that can be used to activate your map update.. Overall there is no difference to the quality of the map data –it is just a different data storage media. 



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