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Today: May 26, 2024
Supply, Fit and Warranty

All our parts come with a 3 month warranty, no warranty on the software, as soon as it has been installed.

Life time warranty is included for all installations

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully


Software, Firmware and Map disks purchase Terms & Conditions


    1. All payments should be made within 24 business hours. Unpaid orders will be canceled and the customer's details will be recorded in the black list

    2. For security reasons, we don’t accept Credit Card payments through phone or email, as we can not verify your authorization. If you are the owner of the credit card, please use your credit card Net Banking for Direct Bank Deposit transaction

    3. We don’t accept PayPal or any other a third party payment methods. Direct Bank Deposit only

    4. Base on the high level of online transaction fraud and bank’s chargeback, we may put your order on hold, and ask you to send us a copy of your personal ID to prove your authority of the transaction. If customer refused to provide us with the personal ID, the payment will be put on hold until the official bank request received.


    1. By submitting the order, the customer takes full responsibilities for the information which they provide.

    2. If the customer makes a mistake in the delivery address, or wasn't been able to receive or collect the parcel from the local post office, the customer must pay a second shipping cost and we will resend the parcel as soon as the parcel returns back to us. We take no responsibilities if the item has been lost or damaged during return delivery back to us, in this case customer must submit and pay for the new order in full.

    3 If an item has been lost or damaged during delivery to customer, we will resend a replacement as soon as we receive an official confirmation of it being lost or damaged from the Australian post.


All disks, which we supply, are tested on compatible Australian navigation systems and work 100% well.

We strongly recommend to attend to a qualified technician to conduct any sort of navigation system updates. However, if you do upgrade your navigation unit, you do so at your own risk. We offer no warranty, liability, responsibility or offer compensation should anything go wrong. If a unit does not update it is normally due to one or more reasons, or a combination of the following:
•·You did not follow the installation requirements, or procedure correctly
•·Your unit is not accepting a software update (it could be defective, some units just wont update)
•·Your unit may already be at the latest version and you did not read the Software Explanation correctly

    1. If the customer provided us with incorrect, misleading information in the car details, submitted an order for a car model or software which is not listed on the website, or any other incorrect software, they must submit the new order with correct details and pay for a second order. Based on the copyright reason, we do not accept any sort of return, refund, or exchange, as soon as the software has been delivered.

    2.·We are supplying the map update only, and any sort of additional software, hardware updates, navigation system or car system coding and adaptations, are not included in the purchase and should be carried-out by the car owner through his own expenses.
The car owner is responsible for preparing the navigation system to be compatible with the latest map disc update.
We don't provide a software installation instructions, as it is various, based on the car make, model, year, or the current software and firmware installed. Please read the car user manual, or contact your local car dealer, or authorised navigation systems specialist with all your technical questions and the software installation assistance. 

     3. Most of European and American navigation systems are compatible with the Australian and New Zealand map disc but·car owners·have to confirm it with·their local car dealer. Please note that our discs have been tested on Australian build cars and we are not responsible if it is not working on your overseas model. Any sort of additional updates, upgrades or computer coding are not included with the purchase and must be carried out by the car owner out of his own expenses

    4. We are·not responsible for the software not running on your navigation system by reasons such as: the customer has made a mistake on an order, provided us with incorrect information, navigation system firmware is not updated to current, disc reader is faulty or not fully functional, or any other navigation system function problems.
Any sort of additional updates, upgrades or computer coding are not included with the purchase and must be carried out by the car owner out of his own expenses

    5. We are a·reseller only and are not responsible for any map inconveniences or misleadings. Please contact the software manufacturer with all your map data questions

    6.·The·map update procedure could take up to 5 minutes with system shutdown and reboots.
During the software unload you can't touch any control buttons or switch the ignition off. If you stop or break the software update by some reason, the disk will not work and could damage the navigation system.Please note that we are not responsible for any software update mistakes and do not accept any return or refund.

    7. We always recommend to all our customers, if you are not sure what you should do to use the software, or have very limited understanding of the navigation systems technologies, you must leave it for a qualified person to do.
Many of the navigation systems require a special, step by step installation procedure, or computer coding
This is the car owner’s responsibility and is not included in the order.
Please contact your local navigation system specialist for installation

    8. All backup devices are for personal use and should only be used in a legal way. If you should use any of these items for illegal purposes, then you are the sole person responsible. You are not allowed to visit or make any purchase(s) from this site if you do not agree to any parts of this disclaimer. We provide a service to make a legal backup copy in accordance with the above statement, to those users who do not have the ability or resources to make a backup copy themselves. By using the services provided you are stating that you own a legal retail copy of the software in question and that the backup copy is to be used for personal use only. Furthermore, you agree not to use the services to resell, distribute, rent, lend, or lease the software in question, and that if you cease to own the retail copy, you agree to immediately destroy and discard the backup copy.
You are legally allowed to make a personal backup of any original software as long as you are the owner of the original software. However you must destroy any backups when you do not legally own the original software any more (eg selling or giving it away). Before making a backup, check in the suppliers manual or on the back of the product box, if there are any special conditions for making a personal backup. It is important that you are abiding by these conditions at all times.

    9. We do not disclose our business, or a buyer's information to third parties other than when order details are processed as part of the order fulfillment. In this case, the third party will not disclose any of the details to any other third party.

Return and refund

   1. Based on the software copyright reason, we don’t accept any return, refund, or exchange, as soon as the item or software has been delivered

By submitting an order, customers agree with the Terms and
Conditions which are written above